Integrated WASH and Protection Intervention
Life-saving Services for Conflict-affected Communities


  • starts on 01/12/2017 and ends on 28/2/2019

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    Targeted group

  • IDPs coming from all rural districts around in Al Hudaydah Governorate and even from Al Hudaydah City and other cities located on the conflict lines

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To provide life-saving services for Conflict-affected communities in WASH and protection



  •  Reduction of excess morbidity and mortality through the provision of emergency life-saving WASH services
  •  Reduction in effects of protection violations against women through the provision of protection assistance (GBV)


  • Construction of 2 concrete water tanks.
  • 2 of wells rehabilitated installed solar pump power
  • Establishing water networks in Az Zaydiyah (town), Dair Asla Village and Dair Gurab Village.
  • 7,700 of individuals benefiting from improved access to water from site rehabilitation
  • 10,031 of individuals reached with hygiene promotion activities.
  • 400 Number of basic and consumable hygiene kits distributed to IDPs and Host communities households one time each month for nine months.
  • 1,100 Household water containers distributed.
  • 2 water management committees established and trained on the management of the water schemes.
  • 58 of communal latrines built or rehabilitated
  • 3,000 of vulnerable women, girls, men, and boys reached with awareness about GBV issues.
  • 3,000 of Dignity kits distributed
  • 100 of affected women, girls, boys and men aware of how to access psychosocial support.