Integrated reproductive health services


  • From May 2018 until today.

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    Targeted Group

  • Women, children, and men, from the host community and internally displaced persons, both within and outside the district.

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  • Mitigate mortality and morbidity among mothers and children through follow-up of safe pregnancy and safe childbirth
  • Provide integrated reproductive health services and basic health services to patients of IDPs and the host community. 
  • Increase consciousness of health through health awareness and counseling.


Rehabilitation of the Reproductive Health Center at Al Munirah Rural Hospital through:

  • Provide competent medical staff to offer all reproductive health services, including cesarean sections.
  • Provision of all necessary equipment and medicines, including the operating room.
  • Providing surgical, pediatric, internal, radiological and laboratory services.
  • Providing an ambulance equipped with the necessary tools for emergency services, first aid, recovery and obstetric equipment, in accordance with European standard EN 1789.
  • Establishing and building a friendly space within the hospital; (With an area of 92 square meters) providing the child and the mother with a safe environment, drawing the smile on their faces and enabling them to participate in organized activities to vent, adapt and express themselves.