The distinction program
remedial classes for high school students
and the IDPs


  • year of 2017/2018

  1. 90380

    Targeted group

  • female and male high school students and IDPs from Amana'a Alasma  schools

  1. 90379


  1. 90377


Offering free remedial   classes for high school and IDP students


one of the students , Shaima'a Abdullah Almasajdi,  who joined the free remedial classes that the foundation provided, got  the fourth place at the level of the Republic with the average of 098.5 from Asma for Girls School during the years of 2016/2017
providing free   remedial classes with full comprehensive  curriculum  for a number of 225 high school and IDP students in Amana'a Alassma for the following subjects:
Physics- Chemistry- biology – Mathematics – English.