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AGF Annual Report 2019

AGF Annual Report 2019

AGF Chairwoman's Speech

It is another year in the life of All Girls Foundation (AGF) that has added more good bricks to the structure of the country building. The year 2018 was full of achievement and success in several sectors of the humanitarian response. Today, we are celebrating the sixteenth anniversary of this great national institution which proved its entrepreneurship in sustainable humanitarian development.
Based on the Foundation’s vision and mission, there must be a moment of meditation and thinking on the past achievement in order to build the coming future in correspondence with a strategic plan that guarantees the foundation’s success and the continuity of its prosperity so its mission can stay to support all sectors of the sustainable humanitarian development.
We have pursued growing in all fields of humanitarian work until the number of the beneficiaries of the Foundation’s projects for the years 2017 and 2018 reached (380931) among of whom (153171) person are IDPs. This number reveals the size of trust granted to our Foundation due to the service quality it offered including the protection. That explains the increase in the numbers of beneficiaries every year.
The Foundation will continue fulfilling the requirements of institutional distinctiveness of the modern management, so it can respond effectively to the needs of beneficiaries and meet their expectations in having typical service that matches the best practices and standards in a way that corresponds the visions of the foundation.
The Foundation aspires with all hope to develop all services through constant work which is reflected positively on the beneficiary regarding the benefits and services. Also, the Foundation will continue working on developing projects and programs in accordance with beneficiaries' needs.
Finally, what has been mentioned above is only a little about a lot. We hope the Foundation gets bigger with more success and achievement in the light of its principles and goals which have been drawn for the Foundation to keep it on track.

Intisar Al Adhi
Chairwoman of AGF

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