Emergency Cholera Outbreak Response
in Affected and High-Risk Areas in Yemen


  • 2017

  1. 100656

    Targeted Group

  • Persons at risk of infection in the following three governorates:
    (Amran - Sana’a - Hajjah ) and targeting of Khamir District in Amran Governorate, Manakhah and Sa’fan Districts in Sanaa Governorate

  1. 100655


  1. 100654


Raising awareness about ways of transmission of disease and control and prevent cholera outbreaks in affected areas and prevent  further disease spread in at risk communities .


  • Treatment of more than 750 cholera patients in the health center of AGF  at the center of Abdul Qader Hilal.
  • Coordination with health offices at the district level and  recruiting and training field coordinators.
  • 10 training sessions were conducted and 90 health workers were trained.
  • 4,430 awareness sessions were conducted and the number of beneficiaries of these sessions was 95,181.
  • 18,000 publications and awareness brochures have been printed and distributed to raise awareness of cholera.
  • Holding 9 meetings with community leaders of the target governorates, attended by 135.
  • Distributing of 2,000 cholera kits  for 2,000 households.
  • The target number was 55,000 while the number of beneficiaries of the campaign was 95,000.
  • 95,000 beneficiaries of the project activities were targeted (out of 55,000 in the project plan).