Integrated Multi-sector Intervention
Life-saving Services for Conflict-affected Communities


  • 2017

  1. 100664

    Targeted group

  • The displaced, and the host community at District of Az Zaidiah in Al Hodeidah 

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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Sector

  • Rehabilitation of Mahal Rahmah well by providing it with a solar-powered pumping unit with all its necessary components including pipes which had been added for the purpose of expanding the network in the area to cover all houses in places of high density in the local community and those houses and IDPs collective sites at the outskirts of the targeted area.
  • Establishment of a local water committee and training them on how to manage the water project in the area.
  • Construction of 62 latrines for IDPs in Mahal Rahmah and Al Mahdali.
  • Implementing of 20 water points in suitable places that guarantee easy and fair distribution of water to IDPs.
  • Carry out awareness campaigns on the diseases spread due to diarrhea infections, including cholera transmitted through contaminated water.
  • Organization of cleaning campaigns to clean streets that surround Az Zaydiyah Rural Hospital and another campaign to clean the three public schools. Piles of solid waste in the streets of the city were damped out of the city through trucks.
  • Distribution of 6984 plastic water jerry cans with a capacity of 20 liters in Madina Az Zaydiyah, Mahal Rahmah, Kalfood, and Al Mahdali.
  • Distribution of 4800 consumable hygiene kits 12 times on a monthly basis for 400 households in Mahal Rahmah and Al Mahdali.
  • Distribution of 800 basic hygiene kits to the same beneficiaries in Mahal Rahmah and Al Mahdali was done twice. The two times distribution happened at the start and end of the project.

Health & Nutrition Sector

  • Rehabilitation of Zaidiah Hospital by:
  • Providing qualified medical personnel to offer health services for beneficiaries, free of charge.
  • Training and rehabilitation of workers and volunteers in the field of integrated childcare and integrated management of childhood Illness (IMCI).
  • Providing the hospital with the necessary equipment and free medicines.
  • Implementing several mobile clinics for the surrounding villages to target the displaced and host communities, and to provide checkups and medicines free of charge.
  • Approving campaigns by the Ministry of Public Health and Population to immunize children against childhood diseases. 
  • Implementation of several awareness campaigns and health education.

Protection Sector

  • Eight volunteers were trained on the underlying causes of GBV, control mechanisms, and how to guide affected individuals to obtain psychological support.
  • Conducting campaigns and awareness sessions for individuals and families on the prevention and mitigation of gender-based violence in Madina Az Zaydiyah, Al Rahmah and Mahdali Districts.
  • Forming committees to advocate the alleviation of gender-based violence and highlighting the expected positive role of women if they are provided with the appropriate and safe environment to participate in the community development.
  • Shelter and Non-food Items Sector and Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM)‏
  • Providing 200 households with non-food items and emergency shelter kits in Mahal Rahmah and Al Mahdali; 
  • The distribution incorporated hygiene campaign to raise awareness on hygiene and prevention of diseases through showing the targeted beneficiaries the right and wrong daily practices relating to hygiene

Economic Empowerment Sector

  • Contracting with the displaced to carry out a number of the project's work in exchange for cash; this would be a source of livelihood during the economic crisis in the country.