Integrated WASH and Protection Intervention
Life-saving Services for Conflict-affected Communities


  • 2017

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    Targeted group

  • The displaced, and the host community

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Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Sector

  • Destroying the old tower reservoir for Deir Asla water project after the appearance of some defects, and constructing a new concrete tower reservoir with a capacity of (60 cubic meters), which is 10 cubic meters larger than the first reservoir. The reservoir was connected to a solar energy system that provided water to the beneficiaries with a capacity of 29000 watts and to rehabilitate the project's longitudinal water network with a length of 11466 meters, through the maintenance and additions needed to restore and connect it to the houses.
  • Constructing a new concrete tower with a capacity of 60 cubic meters in Deir Ghorab and connecting it to a solar energy system that was provided to pump water to the beneficiaries with a capacity of 25000 watts and to rehabilitate the water network of the project length of 14886 meters long through the necessary maintenance and additions to restore its work and connect it to the houses.
  • Forming and training two water committees to manage Deir Asla and Deir Ghorab water projects and to carry out permanent maintenance, operation of the project, and financial and technical management as well. 
  • Establishing (20) water points in each of Deir Asla and Deir Ghorab
  • Training eight community volunteers to conduct awareness activities, campaigns and sessions to enhance hygiene and cholera prevention awareness in the three targeted areas.
  • Distributing (2200) 20 liters of water containers in Al Zaydiyah Deir Asla and Deir Ghorab at a rate of two containers for each targeted households in both the host community and the IDPs.
  • Building (58) health facilities in Al Zaydiyah district for IDPs only.
  • Distributing 400 consuming hygiene kits once a month for nine months, targeting (400) households in: Az Zaydiyah district, Deir Asla, Deir Ghorab. In addition to the distributing of 400 basic hygiene kits distributed twice to the same beneficiaries every six months.

 Protection Sector

  • Reviving the International Women's Day at a festival organized by the Foundation in Madina Az Zaydiyah, in which several women personalities and associations who played an active and prominent role in the process of community development were honored. A bazaar was held to display some women products of handicrafts and food.
  • Distribution of 300 dignity kits to the most affected beneficiaries of women and girls based on field surveys.
  • Institutional Strengthening and Capacity-building Sector
  • Training representatives of the local partners of AGF in Hodeidah Governorate: The Association of the Development of Rural Women Skills, the Society of Social Celebrities for Development. The training is intensive on several axes, mainly: strategic management, application of regulations, resource mobilization, financial management, and others