Integrated reproductive health services


  • From May 2018 until today.

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    Targeted Group

  • Women, children, and men, from the host community and internally displaced persons, both within and outside the district.

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  • Mitigate mortality and morbidity among mothers and children through follow-up of safe pregnancy and safe childbirth
  • Provide integrated reproductive health services and basic health services to patients of IDPs and the host community. 
  • Increase consciousness of health through health awareness and counseling.


The All Girls Foundation for Development AGF worked to rehabilitate the reproductive health center at Al-Munira Rural Hospital, through:

  1. Providing specialized medical staff to provide all reproductive health services, including caesarean sections.
  2. Providing all necessary equipment and medicines, including equipping the operating room.
  3. Providing surgical, pediatric, internal medicine, radiology, and laboratory services.
  4. Providing a well-equipped ambulance with the necessary tools for emergency services, first aid, resuscitation and obstetrics, in conformity with the European standard specifications EN 1789.
  5. The medical center includes a department for obstetric emergencies, which provides a number of necessary interventions to preserve the lives of mothers and newborns, and another section for caesarean sections, which includes a recovery room and an operating room equipped with a number of modern medical devices to work on, under careful sterilization and air conditioning. Operations cases are received around the clock, in the presence of a specialized medical staff and an anesthesiologist.
  6. The medical center also has an emergency unit around the clock, seven days a week, to receive and treat emergency cases, and to provide a fast and accurate health service to save patients' lives as quickly as possible. This unit also provides quick first aid services for the injured in case of referral by providing an ambulance equipped with a number of emergency devices and tools in compliance with the European standard specifications EN 1789 to achieve a high-quality medical service centered on saving the patient's life.
  7. Providing safe health care in a special clinic for children from the age of one day to the age of four years. It includes integrated child care programs, examination and treatment of all children's cases and follow-up in a child-friendly environment by specialists to suit the needs of all pediatric patients. (Complemented by the friendly space established inside the hospital with an area of 92 cubic meters) which provides the child and mother a safe environment, draws a smile on their faces, and enables them to participate in organized activities, adapt and express themselves.