Reproductive health awareness project


  • 2010

  1. 120702

    Targeted Group

  • Girls of Bani Harith district in Amanat Al Asima

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  1. 120700


Girls of Bani Harith acquired training and communication skills in reproductive health.


• 6697 girls and women of Bani Harith were raised on various reproductive health issues.
• A training for trainers course was conducted for 21 girls from Bani Harith on the following topics: communication skills, personal hygiene, the concept of reproductive health and its components, training course for trainers, reproductive health from a legal perspective, puberty and associated changes, sexual culture.
• The participants carried out awareness sessions in a number of places, including: the homes of the participants and their relatives, charities, Quran memorization centers, schools and the University of Arhab. The sessions covered the following subjects: early marriage and risk, adolescence , puberty , sexual culture and family planning methods.