Training Media officers on gender-based violence issues


  • 2017

  1. 120743

    Targeted Group

  • 21 female and male media officers in various  media (read - audible - visual).

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  • Increase knowledge of  gender concepts  and gender-based violence.
  • Improve media officers skills in media coverage of GBV in humanitarian crises.
  • Improve the quality of media materials by following ethical principles in cases of gender-based violence.
  • Produce media materials on  gender-based violence issues.


  • Activate the  skills of 21 female and male media officers as mentioned above
  • Developing action plans distributed according to the media field “visual, audible, read”, through working groups among the participants in the framework of three teams, who carry out media work on issues of gender-based violence, under the supervision of the foundation and in consultation with the trainer.
  • A database of participants was distributed to each participant with the aim of getting acquainted, coordinating and networking among all and exchanging skills and experiences among them to create an awareness environment within one team.
  • Broadcast of radio messages on “FM Mawaheb Radio Station" and on “Yemen Music Radio Station” carrying awareness about  GBV issues.