" YES "program
for economic empowerment
of youth and women


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    Targeted Group

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Program aims to:

  • Enhancing the role of entrepreneurs economically.
  • Reducing the level of imports.
  • Reducing the rate of poverty and unemployment.
  • Achieve sustainable economic growth.


The expansion of economic opportunities for entrepreneurs is a decisive factor in youth empowerment. The YES program for the economic empowerment of youth and women as part of the vision and strategy of All Girls Foundation for Development (AGF) towards achieving sustainable development by 2030 is considered one of the most important opportunities created by AGF that contribute to securing higher levels of income for young people and women, through vocational training in the manufacture of products, under the supervision of highly qualified staff. It is the process that supports regular marketing mechanisms to reach new markets and outlets selling for the program products:
- Traditional Crafts: (Qamaria & Palm-fronds Products).
- Food.
- Sewing.