Providing shelter to save the lives of vulnerable IDPs


  • 2018

  1. 130932

    Targeted group

  • The displaced

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  • Preparing name lists of (800) beneficiaries of the project's interventions in shelter, non-food items, monthly cash assistance for rents and small projects through the field survey, and verification of these lists.
  • Training and qualifying ten volunteers from IDPs in working during the project period representing both governorates on: volunteer work, communication, how to deal with others, accountability (humanitarian principles and concepts), and monitoring and evaluation mechanism (complaints and proposals, standards in the protection and standards in the field according to "Sphere" guide
  • Distributing (500) sets of ES kits to individuals who are affected by the conflict from IDPs in both districts.
  • Distributing (800) sets of NFI kits to IDPs affected by the conflict in both districts.
  • Distributing monthly rent subsidies for nine consecutive months to (500) IDPs in both districts
  • Providing cash assistance for (500) IDPs in both districts to start small businesses and projects, contributing to providing the simplest elements of decent life to get the displaced from the exhausted cycle of poverty.