Emergency Intervention
to Save the Affected Persons from the Rainfalls
in Al Hodeidah Governorate


  • 2019

  1. 141003

    Targeted group

  • The displaced, and the host communit


  1. 141002


  1. 141001



  • Carrying out a hygiene campaign in Madina Az Zaydiyah to dispose garbage and solid waste, where about 30 metric tons of garbage and solid waste were collected and disposed to the garbage dumps. The campaign was accompanied by hygiene promotion sessions delivered by the community volunteers intended to increase people’s awareness of the importance of hygiene and enabling the social participation in such campaigns. 
  • Drying and backfilling the swamps formed by the heavy rainfalls in Madina Az Zaydiyah in which swamps provide a vital source for disease and epidemics. 
  • Building soil barriers in Deer Ghorab and Deer Ikad in Madina Az Zaydiyah in order to change the track of the heavy rainfalls away from host community and IDPs’ centers.