Rapid WASH Services Response for IDPs


  • 2018

  • 2018

  1. 141016

    Targeted group

  • The displaced, and the host community at Az Zaydiyah and Al Munirah in Al Hodeidah Governorate

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  • Providing (9000) liters of fuel for five water projects in the districts of Al Zaydiyah and Al Munirah; to meet the needs of the affected population in the field of water.
  • Rehabilitation of two water projects: Harouniya, Ibn Abbas, Al-qushari and Al-Hasaniyah. The rehabilitation process included pumping rooms, tanks and inspection rooms, and pipeline the main and sub pumping lines, linking water points to main lines.
  • Training water projects committees, raising their awareness of the importance and value of water, how to preserve it, and presenting the best ways to use it as required.
  • Building (20) water points for the IDPs.
  • Installing (300) emergency toilets close to the beneficiaries' residence in the districts of Al Munirah and Al Zaydiyah, to ensure their rapid and safe use at any time.
  • Implementing an awareness campaign to enhance hygiene and ways to prevent cholera. This campaign included a number of activities including:
    • Training (25) male and female volunteers and in the two districts; to carry out the awareness and education activities and community awareness.
    • Printing (1500) brochures, (1500) posters, (35) awareness kits were used to raise awareness in awareness campaigns.
    • Conduct awareness sessions in the areas where the IDPs are present.
    • Implementation of a large hygiene campaign coincided with the National Day of Hygiene 12/12/2018 in Madina Az Zaydiyah District, the campaign included: removing waste from the accumulated and congested places and, and taking it to it to the appropriate place.
    • Distributing health hygiene kits in the two districts to 850 IDPs households