Emergency Relief Campaign Project Affected by Flood
"Tarim district – Hadramout Gov’t"


  • May 2021

  1. 151016

    Targeted group

  • Mola Aideed neighborhood – Tarim district – Hadhramout Gov't

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Providing necessary medicines for people with chronic diseases (heart, diabetes, cholesterol, ...) who were affected by the flood disaster in Tarim district, Hadramout governorate.


The continuous and unprecedented rainfalls – since more than 30 years ago - that hit the historical Tarim district in Hadhramaut Governorate (east of Yemen) on May 2, 2021, has left a number of dead and missing people, as well as caused a great material damage and resulted in displacement of people to schools to take shelter.
According to the statistics, the disaster caused the death of at least five people, the demolition of 10 homes, the sweeping of hundreds of livestock, cars, farms, and public and private properties, in addition to the severe damage caused by torrential torrents to infrastructure including facilities, public roads and power transmission lines, as well as tens of drinking water wells and farms were buried and thousands of beekeeping hives and honey production boxes were swept away.

​In response to the call of humanity, the call of the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in the Hadhramaut Valley and Desert, and the call of the head of the Committee for Coordinating the Efforts of Civil Society Organizations in the General Committee to address the effects of the Tarim flood crisis, All Girls Foundation intervened by providing quantities of medicines for people with chronic diseases, and delivered them to the health unit in Aidid neighborhood. This is after coordination with the related authorities, including the Health Cluster - Mukalla hub, the Office of Social Affairs and Labor in the Hadhramaut Valley and Desert, the Public Health and Population Office in Tarim District, the Local Council of the District, and the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs OCHA-Mukalla hub.