Back to Schools Campaign
My School Bells have rung
Activating the community participation for supporting Girls educationally


  • period of 2011into 2016

  1. 70264

    Targeted group

  • General Society , Parents , Schools, and social workers

  1. 70263


  1. 70262


  • raise awareness of 93 parents of students in the targeted district about enrolling their children , especially females, in schools  and also playing an active role in supporting the school and improving the quality of its education
  • Qualifying and building the capacity of (23) social workers professionally in the field of "educational applications of growth features.
  • Building and qualifying the capacity of 26 social workers professionally in the field of  "social work in schools"
  • raising awareness of the community about the importance of education , for females in particular..
  • Raise community awareness about the importance of education in general and education of girls and IDPs in particular


  •  The '' My School Bells Have Rung "  song was broadcast in four radio stations : Sana Radio Station, F.M.. Shabab Radio Station , Grand F.M. Radio Station,  and Mowahab F.M. Radio Station. The song's content raises the community's  awareness about the importance of education in general and the girls' education in particular. Moreover, it encourages the parents to send their daughters and sons to schools. Furthermore,  an awareness episode was broadcast in Shabab Radio Station about the significance of the education and the difficulties and obstacles that currently hinders the education process in Yemen.
  • 93) m\f parents in the targeted district were alerted to the importance of enrolling their children to schools ,their daughters' in particular. It also played an effective role in supporting the school and enhancing the quality of education. In addition to that, it exposed them to possible methods for
  • (23)  m/ f social specialists were trained on “educationally deal with students in line with the child and Adolescent characteristics of development” \
  • (26) M\f social specialists were trained on “Social Work in schools” for enhancing their educational roles as should be as well as introducing them on the suitable ways of alleviating the psychological effects of students resulted of the current situation in Yemen.​​


Initiative Title





Shohda’a Al Wahdah

Opening a door on the eastern side of the basement

The door is open.

Future Pioneers

Raising up corridors walls

The walls are raised up.


Musa bin Nusair

Building a book storage room of bricks under the stairs

The storage room is built.

Building and painting tree tubs

Tree tubs are built.

Future Makers

Ar Resalah

Procuring and installing portable water plastic tanks

Portable water plastic tanks are bought and installed.

My School’s Beautiful Environment


Decorating school walls with educational drawings

Walls are decorated.

Creativity for a Better Future

Badr Al Kubra

Building two storage rooms and moving textbooks to them so as to have the old rooms as classrooms added to the school

The storage rooms have been built and the old rooms are now classrooms.

Our Talents

Building a platform for the morning broadcast, cultural sessions, and ceremonies

The platform is built.

Activating Community Participation


Laying the front school yard with gravel

The front yard is laid out with gravel.


Installing doors on the first floor entrance

Doors are installed.

Advocating Yemen

Al Qume’ah

Opening a school library

The library has been equipped and furnished.

Our homeland is Precious

Rehabilitating bathrooms in the new building

The sanitation system of bathrooms are rehabilitated, and they are now ready to use.

Yemeni Wisdom

Ar Rahmah

Procuring and Installing ten whiteboards in ten classrooms

Whiteboards are installed in ten classrooms.

New Yemen

Laying a bed of gravel on the school yard

The front yard is laid with gravel.

Love of homeland

Jafar Al Taiyar

Preparing a room to be a kitchen

A kitchen is equipped.


Equipping the school library

The library is equipped with visual devices and chairs.

Human Rights

Khair Allah

laying a bed of gravel on the front yard

The yard is laid with gravel.

Knowledge Seekers

Raising up the height of the morning broadcast platform

The platform is raised up.