Success stories


  • Every year during period of 2012 into 2005

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    Targeted group

  • students and young people from different universities ​​

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  • Identifying the training needs for college students
  • Finding out the labor's market needs
  • Equipping college students with life skills
  • Qualify students for specific job skills in their major.
  • Connecting the student to the labor market and readying him/her for getting a job
  • Contributing to qualifying young people and equipping them with the skills needed in the labor market.


  • (32) A massive public student meeting in seven different universities in Sana'a, Alhodaidah, Hadhramout, And Thamar.
  • More than 5000 students in Sana'a, Alhodeidah , Hadramout and Thamar  were provided with life skills .
  • From  Sana'a, Taiz and Thamar governates , 3000 students  from three public universities, three private universities and two private institutions  were trained.
  • They were also equipped with life and administrative  skills through implementing the following training programs :
    •  writing a CV
    •  getting ready for an interview
    •  How to determine your weaknesses and strengths
    •  professional sales
    •  How to set  goals for each year
    • The basics of photography
    •  Pay attention to what your body tells you during the show
    •  innovation and technology in the educational process
    • The keys to Success
    • How to found your own business
    • Hiring information technology in the medical field
    • Building Self-confidence
    •  Applying for job skills
    • effective Communication Skills and CV writing
    • Media Skills
    • The way to a healthy life
    • How to plan your future
    • Problem analysis and decision-making
    • Personal and functional skills and applying- for-job  skills
  • 1530 student from Saba University , Science and Technology  University, Future  University , Community College, Pioneers College were trained in life skills
  • In cooperation with Anda Taiz Foundation , a meeting was held with Jasem Almotwa'a  the trainer for 4950  student  from Sana'a University
  • Participating in setting up a meeting with Dr. Ibrahim Alfaqee in cooperation with Skills Center for Humanitarian Development and Training
  • Holding meetings for 1250  student  from  Sana'a University  about
  •  changing the curriculum
  • the art of study and performance
  • tests
  • planning and time management
  • self-confidence
  • Positive thinking ​