Project of Girl’s advancement


  • 2009

  1. 90472

    Targeted Group

  • Girls from Bani Harith district

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Qualifying of girls from the Bani Harith area in the fields of self-development, management skills and computer use.


42 girls aged between 18 and 30 years of age were trained in the following fields:
  •  Executive Secretary (Office programs - Report writing - Archive - Correspondence - Meetings - Office environment).
  • Self-skills (self-confidence - leadership - dialogue and persuasion - effective communication - The art of diction and presentation - time management - preparing the curriculum vitae).
  • Management (planning - feasibility study - preparation of projects - marketing - public relations).
The project included a practical application in a number of private associations and foundations  through which girls applied what they were trained on. The tangible results of this application were that a number of Al-Harith girls joined the university after it was a distant dream for them. The others proved their worth in work, which made some of the foundations  where they were applied to join their team.