The Youth Voice Project


  • November 2007

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    Targeted Group

  • A group of young people in Sana'a

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Support youth to be positive participants by integrating them into community development.


Conducting training courses for young men and women, the courses covered the following topics:
  • Team spirit.
  • Effective Communication.
  • Dialogue and Influence.
  • Defining and analyzing needs.
  • Project Management.
The participants implemented a number of initiatives such as:
  • Implementing an awareness program for social supervisors in some schools in addition to preparing and implementing the " Weekly Forum for Creative Teachers ".
  • Issuing and distributing (500)CDs aimed at introducing young people to their rights and the most important international and domestic laws that guaranteed these rights.
  • Issuing (300) CDs Includes developmental lectures on self and skill aspects
  • Implementing (95) awareness lectures on reproductive health targeting (220) male and female from different areas.