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  • العام 2009 - 2010

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    Targeted Group

  • Students in many schools and colleges in Sana'a

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The project aims at investing youth potential powers and direct them to serve their communities and integrate them in the community youth development through awareness campaign for the most key issues that are faced by youth .


  •  Al-Manar School for Girls:
Initiative:( the magnificence of giving and togetherness): About ( 40) students implemented the initiative which was preparing the land behind the school as sport field and afforestation the school. In addition, some statements about Qat and unemployment were written on the wall of the school.
Beneficiaries: (1700) female students.
  • Al-Shahid Al-Kebsi School:
Initiative: (Education is not only reading and writing, it's also walking the roads for us and for others). Afforesting the school, repainting the gate, making wall drawings, making boxes only for the rest of the food and others for keeping the Holy verses and producing a flash reportage about the Qat , and about (18) students implemented this initiative.
Beneficiaries:( 1200) students.
  • orphanage:
Initiative:( I have to unite to my friends… to live a better life) Fixing the orphanage bathrooms (cleaning, repairing the faucets, and maintenance of electricity. It was implemented by (23) students.
Beneficiaries: (1350) students enrolled in the orphanage.
  •  Faculty of law:
Initiative: (we won't be satisfied only with the theoretical side, but will also sail to what bring us to glory). Making a training course in drafting civil contracts. (5)students implemented the initiative.
Beneficiaries: (34 )male and (13 )female students.
  •  Faculty of Medicine:
Initiative:( with the doctors’ ethics, our country develops) An open day was prepared in the college to talk about the doctors' ethics, volunteer work and self-management. A gallery was open to exhibit the students’ talents.(22) students implemented the initiative.
Beneficiaries: (141) male and (196) female students.
  • Ijad initiative:
Initiative: (Who does not have a living does not have a decision). Qualifying seven unemployed men in the field of aluminum and seven in the field of decoration. (10 )young men implemented the initiative.
Beneficiaries: (14) young men.
  •  Insan foundation youths initiative:
Initiative: (my home is not just walls but everything surrounds me, and that’s why I love it and care about it). Garbage was cleaned from the pavement and trees were planted instead. (13) young men implemented this initiative.
Beneficiaries: (300 )people.
  • Here we start team initiative:
Initiative: (here we start to stop chewing Qat).
Making awareness courses in anti- Qat and art of communication which end with making suggestions for projects to anti Qat such as making intensive awareness courses and encouraging the youth to do Exercises. Two young women implemented the initiative.
Beneficiaries: (25) young men.
  •  Faculty of Arts youths initiative(The typical hall)
Initiative: (will only accept what we deserve and we will work to find it). Restoration of hall No.(25) in the faculty by adding some pictures, a simple library with a collection of books, making some decoration to the hall to become a typical one after it was the worst and preparing it to valid for making projector presentations.(19)male and female students implemented the initiative.
Beneficiaries:( 800) male and female students.
  •  Faculty of Information Youth Initiative (I love my college):
Initiative: (my college gives me the knowledge, so why don’t I give it some of my effort?) The internal garden of the college was prepared by fixing the existed trees and planting others to create a better view, the garden wall was painted, maintenance for the fountain and painting some vases to put them around it and changing the old Yemeni flags with new ones.(26) male and female students implemented the initiative.
Beneficiaries: (1000) male and female students.
  •  Faculty of Commerce Youth Initiative:
Initiative: (the real university students always care about everything new). Two free diplomas were implemented in the college (Advanced Personal Planning and Public Relations) for two weeks and in two groups (9-11 am and 1-3 pm). These two diplomas were included in the activity that was organized by the General Union of Students. (13) male and (5) female students implemented the initiative.
Beneficiaries: (370) male and female students.
  •  Injaz Team initiative:
Initiative: (I have the right to learn in an atmosphere that suits my psychology and pushes me forward). Games and activities gallery of the vocational qualifying center for the deaf – Al-Hataresh was restored. After that, the initiative implementers made some drawings in the gallery to be suitable for the reason it was built for. (15) male and female youths implemented the initiative.
Beneficiaries: (200) students of the center.
  •  Conservationists initiative :(my environment is my Identity)
Initiative: (I will not be useless as long as my heart beats). Youth Environmentalists implemented the (my environment is my Identity) program which aims at raising the deaf awareness in the environmental issues in the Al-Amal School – Mathbah, in addition to the trash recycling course. The surrounding area of the school was cleaned and afforested with participation of the deaf. (5) male and ( 2) female youths implemented the initiative.
  • Beneficiaries: (300) male and female students and the residents of the neighborhood.